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Hoffman’s Supply has a variety of mulch colors and styles available. We even offer bulk delivery!

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Hoffman’s Supply carries a variety of stone for all your gardening and landscaping needs. stop by our store or order online right to your home or job site.

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Topsoil & Sand

Topsoil & Sand

Perfect your landscape with everything you need from Hoffman’s Supply. We have a selection of sand and topsoil available in bulk to help you complete projects.

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2023 Bulk Material Price List

Mulch Price/Yd Code
Certified Playground $36/yd BLPM
Cedar $55/yd BLCM
Black Dyed (Hardwood) $34/yd BLBLACK
Red Dyed (Hardwood) $34/yd BLRED
Brown Dyed (Hardwood) $34/yd BLBROWN
Hardwood (Triple Ground) – Dark Brown $24/yd BLHM
Nutra Peat $45/yd BLSP
Hemlock $44/yd BLHEM
Wood Chips $15/yd BLWC

Delivery available on all items. 1 yard covers approximately 300 square feet x 1″ deep.

Stone Price/yd Code
1/4″ Clean Stone – Grit $85/yd BLGRIT
3/8″ Clean Stone $88/yd BL38C
5/8″ Clean Stone $84/yd BL58C
3/4″ Clean Stone $49/yd BL34C
1-12″ Clean Stone $52/yd BL112C
Quarry Process $48/yd BLQP
Stone Dust $41/yd BLSD
3/8″ Red Stone $80/yd BL38R
3/4″ Red Stone $80/yd BL34R
3/8″ Yellow Stone $92/yd BL38Y
3/8″ Speckled Pea Gravel $72/yd BL38S
3/8″ Pea Gravel $89/yd BLPG
3/4″ White Stone $72/yd BL34W
Small River Stone (approx. 3/4″) $75/yd BLRJ34
Medium River Stone (approx. 1″) $95/yd BLRJ1
Large River Stone (approx. 1-3″) $95/yd BLRJ
Extra River Stone (approx. 3-5″) $95/yd BLRJ35
Extra Extra Large River Stone (approx. 5-8″) $95/yd BLRJ58
Jumbo River Stone (approx. 12-18″) $95/yd BLRJ1218

Decorative Stone – length x width x depth divided by 27
Compacted Stone – length x width x depth divided by 27 x 1.25

Topsoil & Sand Price/Yd Code
Topsoil $38/yd TSS
Compost Topsoil $44/yd CTS
Mushroom Soil $50/yd BLMC
Fill Dirt $15/yd FILL
Screened Fill $25/yd SFILL
Concrete Sand (coarse, gray) $59/yd BLCS
Mason Sand – Yellow $59/yd BLMS
1″ Minus Fill Material $15/yd 1MINUS
Garden Bed Planting Mix $48/yd BLGM

1 yard covers approximately 250 square feet x 1″ deep. Prices subject to change without notice.